Footpaths is a way for people to meet and support each other to reduce their personal carbon footprints. It offers you a structured, supportive and fun environment in which you can work out what you want to change in your life to reduce your carbon footprint - and a community of like minded people to do it with. We do this by providing a structured course of eight meetings, and bringing together people who want to do it. Beyond the Footpaths course we also offer support to help you continue improving your personal carbon footprint, through one off events, workshops and get-togethers.

Click here for a short 3 minute clip of people talking about their experience of taking part in Footpaths.

Footpaths is based on the understanding that making changes alone can be challenging. Making changes with other people who are doing the same is easier and more fun - and sometimes simply knowing others are going through the same process helps us to keep going. Some changes can be made much more easily by a group which supports each other - for example you can share ideas, sympathy and excitement, tools and skills, recipes, experiences and researching information. Having a community - or being part of many communities - makes us happier than when we live isolated separate lives. It also makes us stronger and more able to cope and adapt in times of change. With climate change and peak oil occurring, we need this resilience and joy in life.

Footpaths main aim is to help people create resilient communities in the face of climate change. Building communities and getting better at living and working with other people will help us to reduce our carbon footprints, and that becoming less oil dependent will push us towards lower footprints and more interactive living. To achieve that, we designed the course and activities to:

·         help people reduce their carbon footprints because of climate change

·         raise awareness and provide skills to people so they can deal better with group interactions

·         help people to build themselves communities