Since the carbon footprints of different foods is one of the areas people know the least about, Footpaths has produced recipe books and shopping bags with information about this.

If you want to buy any, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

  • We produced shopping bags (on organic fair-trade cotton) with a carbon footprint of various foods pyramid printed on it because Footpaths people said it would be useful to have this info with them when they bought food. They are £3.50 each + £1.00 p+p.
  • We have also produced a series of four (so far) recipe books on recycled paper, where the recipes are arranged from highest to lowest carbon footprint with footprint commentary. The recipes are all comparatively low carbon and are centred around low carbon seasonal vegetables which some of us struggle to use. They are £3.50 each or £12 for a set of 4 plus £1.00p+p. So far we have:
    • Celebrating celeriac
    • Brilliant beetroot
    • The courgettes are great recipe book
    • Scrumptious Spinach