As part of Footpaths we've produced a board game designed to teach us how to estimate the carbon footprint of the foods we eat at the point at which we buy them. We've been using it in meetings and on stalls with both adults and children , and people have been asking if they can borrow it to use at events. So we'd like to make it available to you if you would use it repeatedly and not let it just sit on a shelf somewhere. It costs us £25 to produce a copy, so if you can afford to pay for it that would be great, but if you can't afford this and would use it lots then we'll happily give you a copy.


The board shows different bands of carbon footprint ranging from low (up to 1kg of CO2 - equivalent per kilogram of food) to high (up to 45kg of CO2-e/kg). It comes with cards showing a range of foods - fruit, veg, pasta, bread, fish, cheese, ready meals, meat etc. On one side of the card is a picture of the food - on the other it's carbon footprint when on the shop shelf. Players take turns to guess where on the board the food they are holding would go - and then argue/discuss/challenge each other - before looking at the back to move it to the correct place. You can simplify the game by guessing based on meat and dairy content (high) vs plant content (low), or dried/concentrated (high) vs wet/liquid (low), or flown (high) vs shipped (low).

Included with the game are a couple of pages of information about the carbon footprint of food and why different things effect the footprint in different ways. If people want to play the game in detail, they can read this first - and it is useful but not essential to have a facilitator who has read and thought about it.

If you would like a copy of the food game please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.