We all know that climate change, air pollution, and poor health due to lack of exercise mean that we need to shift away from car use and towards walking, cycling and public transport. However, many of us feel that as things are currently set up it is very difficult to actually choose to drive less.

Leicester city council needs to deal with the poor public transport, health issues, deprivation, air pollution and congestion in the city. At the same time it’s struggling with ever reducing funding from national government. However, they are also afraid to act to change things because they believe there is little or no public support for prioritising active (cycling, walking, scooting, rollerblading etc) and public transport over car use. In Leicester over a third of households don’t own a car, and the current system penalises them while encouraging car use.

We’re asking you to download, fill in and return THIS SURVEY by 9/12/18 in order to show the council that there would be support for them making car use a bit harder, maybe as part of a change which also helped us get around using public transport and our bodies more. We hope to have an opportunity to present the results from this survey to the council in December. If you know anyone locally who might be sympathetic to this viewpoint, please pass this survey to them and ask them to fill it in.